4 Tips to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Dated: January 30 2020

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Are you thinking about putting your home on the market? My name is Misty with JP & Associates, and I'm going to share with you, four tips, to help get your home ready to show. Tip number one, you must change your mindset. You need to start seeing your house through the eyes of the potential buyer. I think this is probably one of the single most important things that you can do as a seller. I know it's going to be hard to mentally and emotionally detach from your property, but it will help you in the long run to better prepare your home.

Tip number two, clean and organize. What are buyers doing when they're going through your home? They're inspecting it. They're looking for your beautiful features, but they're also looking for anything that can get them a better price. So, let's minimize that opportunity. Go room by room and be your own worst critic. If you need to, take a family member or friend and look at what can be updated. Have you painted the baseboards? Does the carpet need to be cleaned; light bulbs need to be replaced? Make sure you wipe down the fans and fixtures. If you have closet doors that are on tracks, make sure those slide and open and closed with ease. Doors should align, close easily, open easily. These are the small things that buyers are going to be looking for.

Tip number three, pack. As you go from room to room, you're bound to come across items that you can pack or even throw away. So, take a couple of boxes with you. Start packing up excess kid’s toys, knickknacks, linens, pots and pans, extra dishes. By putting all those things away, not only are you getting a jumpstart on your move, but you're actually helping to maximize the appearance of space within your home.

Tip number four, inspect the outside of your home. Now that you've gone inside the home and really gotten everything tidy and just the way you need it, we need to take care of the outside of the home as well. Sometimes this can be even more important than the inside of the home because of curb appeal. I know we've all heard of that. Your home needs to be welcoming and well kept. The front entryway should be well organized, clean, painted because this is often the very first point of entry that buyers have into your home and really can set the tone for the rest of the entire showing. So be mindful when you're thinking about your walkway and your entry and your front door.

So next, walk around to the sides of your property. Oftentimes, the sides of our yard are not as frequently utilized as the front and the back, and we can often miss things that may need maintenance. Finally, go around to the back of the home. The back of the home should be just as inviting as the front of the home. It's our job to make sure that we elicit that emotional response in a buyer and make them feel more connected to your home. Thanks for watching my home seller tips. If you want more information or you want to see more of my videos, you can simply visit my YouTube channel or my Facebook page at lakelinearhomesandestates.com. Bye.

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