Benefits of Showing a Property in the Rain

Dated: February 5 2020

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Hi. Happy Wednesday everybody. Misty Harris here with Lake Lanier Homes and Estates at JP and Associates. So, I'm out showing properties on this rainy Wednesday and a lot of people are asking, "Why would you show properties today? It's rainy." It's actually a great time to show properties. It gives a buyer an advantage in detecting any type of leak. So we want to look at the roof. Is the roof currently leaking? Does it have any issues? Are there any signs of a prior leak? Look at the gutters. Are they clean, are they functional? Are they properly installed and at all the entryways of the house so that you're not getting soaking wet when you walk into the property?

You also want to take time to walk around the lot. Even though it's raining, grab your umbrella, grab your boots, walk around that property and check out the drainage of the lot. You want to make sure that nothing is draining towards the home, specifically towards that basement and leaking down into the bottom. Also, check the crawl spaces, the rain gives you a good opportunity to look under crawl spaces and see if you find any kind of moisture or anything there as well. I hope this was helpful. If you want more tips, more information, or if there's anything at all that I can help you with, you can visit my YouTube channel, website and Facebook page, Lake Lanier Homes and Estates. 

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