Forsyth County Elementary Schools

Dated: June 20 2020

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What elementary school are used zone for? What time does class start and dismiss? What programs are available? Do they have a gifted class? And where do you even enroll and when? If you're new to Forsyth County or just changing schools within the community, I'm here to help you answer all those questions and more.


I understand as parents, when we're considering making a move, schools are very important to us and oftentimes it dictates what area of the city or even what neighborhood that we might live in. So today I want to give you some information about our local elementary schools here in Forsyth County. 


I'm sure we're all aware that Forsyth County is a huge school district. They are ranked seventh largest out of one-hundred and eighty districts. And even with all that size, I noticed when I put my kids in Forsyth County, they have such a sense of community and pride in their schools. The teachers were so helpful, welcoming, and supportive of all the students and all the buildings are new, or either recently renovated. And they come with a cafeteria, they've put in media centers for the kids, a stage, playground gymnasiums, and even playfield outside.


As you would expect from an award-winning district, Forsyth County offers diverse programs to meet the needs and challenges of all students. They have a great support system for parents and students alike. And in addition to regular classes, students will also be exposed to technology, PE, music, and art. Make sure you jump online and check out each of the school's websites. It'll give you a little bit more information and also detail any programs, activities, and clubs that are available at that particular school.

Just something to note, the elementary schools are divided into two groups. The classes for group one runs from 7:40 AM until 2:20 in the afternoon. And classes for group two run from 8:20 in the morning until3:00 in the afternoon. Now on early release days, each group will have different release times as well. So just ask your school or check online to make sure you're on the correct schedule. And don't forget there's also really fun after school programs for the kids if you need it. And they're always in need of parent volunteers to help with different events throughout the year. So make sure you check that out as well.

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