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Dated: June 11 2020

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School's out for summer, parents need a well-deserved reality break, and the kids are going completely stir crazy, including mine. What a better time to spend some fun in the sun than at Lake Lanier Islands. 


I think we can all agree the last few months have been really challenging. That's why it's so important now, more than ever, to get out into nature, reconnect, and really just have some fun. Get off Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube. Wait. Not that last one. You can say on YouTube. 


I'm not a golfer myself, I'm actually really terrible at it, but when you go to Lanier Islands, make sure you visit their 12-hole golf course. It's really serene and it's situated right there along the waterfront. There's not a house in sight, so it's really nice to take in nature and get in a couple of rounds. I’ll put a link in the Youtube video description so that you can check out all of the Father's Day specials that they have.


One of my favorite things to do at Lanier Islands, or anywhere for that matter, is hiking. What I love about Lanier Islands is they have three different trails that you can actually choose from. They have one that is about a mile and a half. It's a little bit more leisurely and it goes across different terrains. Then they have one that's just over a mile and it is also paved. It’s perfect if you want to kick it up a notch and do a little speed walking. If you stay at the lake houses, there's actually a path that runs right in front of the lake houses. It's paved as well, and it's just a mile long, so you can really get a good sprint in if you want to just get a couple of miles before you hit the lake. I love the scenery. I love hearing the birds and nature. So, make sure you check out the trails when you're there.


If being on the water, in the action,  and water skiing is more your speed, then check out Harbor Landing at Margaritaville. They have all kinds of boats that you can rent. You can get a pontoon, tritoon, houseboat. They even have these really amazing group yacht excursions that you can take. Get online, check that out and be sure to book in advance, so you can be sure and reserve your spot. If you don't want to be out on the water in a motorized boat, they should have other options, such as rentals for their tubes, wakeboards, and water sports equipment.


Without a doubt, I think we could probably all agree that the most popular place in Lanier Islands is Margaritaville. I mean, seriously, this is such a fun place. They have something for everybody. For us big kids, they have a really cool water park with a wave pool, lots of water slides, and even a zip line. If you have smaller kiddos, they have the cutest little area with water fountains and baby slides, so that they can have their own little place to play and be safe. Another little cool thing about Margaritaville is while you're out sliding and having all this fun, they have an area called the Chill Zone and they also have Tiki bars. So, you can run in, grab a cocktail or something to drink, and then jump right back into the fun.


Ladies and gentlemen, what better way to end your fun-filled day at the lake than with a trip to the spa. When you're at Lanier Islands, make sure you check out Tranquility Spa. They have lots of different treatments and services available, including hot stones, couples massages, and they even have a new treatment called chocolate decadence. Yum. I'm definitely going to go check that out. Make sure you book at least 24 hours in advance.

I hope you guys will come out and visit Lake Lanier Islands. As you can see, they really do have something for everyone. Honestly, with everything going on right now, it's such a great little place to escape to, even if it's just for the weekend. I’ll include links in the Youtube video description for everything that we talked about today. That way you can jump on and do a little bit more research for yourself.

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